Special units

The special units are military units without direct fighting power. The place they hang around is the city tavern, where you can find up to five special units. For a small sum of gold or salt crytals, these guys will happily join you in your quest for glory and go in a city of your choice. The price you have to pay for hiring these mercenaries depends on your gold income, you will pay more if you earn more, and also get more talented special units. Except for the medic, every special unit can only be used once.

The special units in mission

Citopia Tutorial Special Units Missions
You can integrate the special units in your armies. When one of your armies contains special units, you will able to recognize them by the extra sword symbol that the icon of your army will show. Click on this sword and you will be able to choose which special unit to use. Some units can be used only in special conditions, like for example only next to a city. After using the special unit once, it will disappear, the medic being the only exception.

Important types of special units

Citopia Tutorial Druid Druid: With a druid you can double the attack power of your armies and look for salt crystals.
In order for the druid to be able to do his thing, he must be in a forest. Druids love forests. If you choose to use your druid and you are in a forest, he will start brewing a magic potion that will lend your legions more power for their next attack. When his cooking skills fail him and the potion doesn't work, he might at least find some salt crystals. If you choose to use the druid in a plain field, without a forest, the druid will grow himself one, because druids love forests.
Citopia Tutorial Diplomat Diplomat: The diplomat can convince enemy cities to join your side.
A diplomat might come in handy if you intend taking over a city. One you have cleaned the city of any defending troops, position your army next to the city and click on the diplomat symbol on your army to let him try his luck convincing the population to come over to your side. This is a one way ticket for your diplomat, which will disappear regardless if he was successful or not in his mission.
Citopia Tutorial Architect Architect: The architect allows you to build a new city.
Move an army with an embedded architect on the field where you intend to have your new city and command your architect to build it, if you have the necessary resources for it. From the very beginning the architect will build your city with warehouses, and a palace where the general will move in as a praetor. The army will also enter the city and become the garrison defending the city.