Praetors and generals

Citopia Praetor

Praetors and generals are essential to your military power, since you need generals to lead your armies and the praetor give your city garrison an attacking and defensive power boost.


The praetor is the military leader of your city, leading the garrison when the city is under attack by the enemy. Each of the skills of your general or praetor have an influence on the outcome of a battle.


The general is the leader of your mobile armies. He has the same influence on the troops as a praetor would have. As soon as you gathered enough experience points to level up you general, you should sent him into a city, in order to upgrade one of his available skills. Without the upgrade the new level won't have any influence on the troops.

Experience points

Every time your praetor or general has claimed victory after a fight, he gets experience points.

Citopia general level up

Level Up

After you have gathered your 1000 experience points, you can level up, but for this you have to bring your general into a palace in one of your cities. There, you can level up one of his qualities, leadership, organisation or Luck. Just click on the corresponding '+' sign.


Citopia Undead Hero

When a hero dies, hope is not lost, since there is life after death for him. As soon as you have built a pyramid, you can use it and resurrect your hero in exchange for a few salt crytals or human sacrifices. The pyramid has 10 burial chambers, which you can activate one after the other by placing a few salt crystals in the right sockets.