Citopia Tutorial Town Square

Armies are mobile units that you can move around on the map. They serve various useful purposes, like attacking other players, or founding new cities. Armies can be recruied in the town square, located in the middle of your city.

Citopia Tutorial Creating Armies

Creating armies

In order to put together an army, you need a praetor to lead the troops as their general. After appointing the praetor as a general, an unexperienced new praetor will take his place by default. Next to the general, you need a least one troop to be able to call it an army.
In order to create an army, chose the legions that you want to have in your army and click on an empty field next to your city. The maximum number of legions is 19.

Editing armies

It is possible to move army generals out of the city and into an army and viceversa, if the army is located next to the city. You can do this in the town square, by clicking on "Edit army". Once there, you can mark all the units that you want to move and confirm the change with the button below. The general rule that no army can exist without a general has still to be respected, hence if you send the general in the city, the troops will desert you. Conversely, if you send all the troops in the city and leave the general all alone, you will lose the general. If you replace a general with another, you will lose the first. But, rest assured, you can always find your strongest fallen generals in the pyramid, if you have one.

Moving armies

Citopia Tutorial Moving Armies Every army has a certain number of movement points that it can consume. By clicking on an army, you will see the fields that the army can reach with its current movement points. Some fields require more movement points than others, for example a mountain will cost more points than a plain field.