First steps in the game

At the start of the game every player gets one city and enough resources to build new fields and buildings. In order to increase the resources production, one has to build fields around the city, as for example croplands for food and forest plantations for wood. The fields can be built directly next to the city, but one can also expand beyond the city core by building city extensions. It is essential that you build enough extensions to be able to access all the fields available to you:
Citopia Tutorial Building By building a city extension in every corner of the city, one can profit also from the fields further away form the city, next to the extensions. This is the most effective manner to have access to all the resource fields. By clicking on one of these resource fields one can develop them and increase your resources production. A click on the city in the middle or on one of the extensions leads back into the city. Once in the city, it is possible to build new buildings by clicking on the marked spots, or upgrade existing buildings, when they allow upgrading. Each building gives the player an advantage, for example one must build a stable in order to recruit cavalry, or barracks for infantry; a city wall gives your troops a defense bonus and the blacksmith better weapons and armors.
Citopia Praetor Citopia City Palace One of the game characters that can decide the fate of a battle is your praetor. One gets a praetor automatically after building the palace. The Praetor can be sent outside with the troops as a general or stay in the city and command the troops there. With every victory, his experience increases. As soon as you'll start recruiting troops, it makes sense to get a preator to lead them.
Citopia City Barracks Citopia City Stables Even if you don't think that you're strong enough to attack others, you should have some troops in the city to defend yourself. You can build troops in the barracks and in the stable. The city wall, which you can find on the south side of the city, will give your little army a considerable defensive advantage.

If it has not become obvious by now, you main source of income are the resource fields, which makes them decisively important for the development of the game. Finally, some actions require also gold, which can be obtained from selling resources on the market or from taxation, if you have built your tax office.